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Important SkyWars Release & Rank Update

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cervinakuy, Mar 19, 2016.

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    Jan 30, 2016
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    Hello everyone!

    Today I have concluded public BETA for SkyWars, and am very happy to announce that SkyWars has officially been released! SkyWars at the moment has five maps, and if the donations persist, we will add more in the future. Kits have also been tweaked and are now fully functional. If you have any issues or Suggestions for SkyWars, please Create a Thread in the Feedback and Suggestions category.

    Ranks have also been updated to look slightly more organized and with new features. Check out the Shop by clicking the "Shop" tab in the navigation or by clicking here. If you are looking to purchase a rank, don't forget the Spring Break sale is still going on! The coupon code is "SPRINGBREAK2016" and will give you 50% your next purchase. :)

    - Cervinakuy
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