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Important Maintenance Over, SkyWars Release, New Hub & More!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cervinakuy, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Jan 30, 2016
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    Hello everyone!

    It’s been awhile since the last Planet Gallium update, but the Planet Gallium Team has been working very hard behind the scenes. In the past two or so weeks that we have been in maintenance, many things have been changed.

    General Updates

    As mentioned before, for the past two weeks many things have changed on Planet Gallium, here are some that you may see when you join:
    • The old SkyWars has been removed - See SkyWars Release below for more details -
    • All new customly made Hub
    • The Server MOTD has been changed to look more appealing
    • The Server Tab looks a lot better as well, since it was similar to the Server MOTD, we changed it.
    • Plenty of other general improvements.

    Many have been asking about the donation goal and how things are going with that. To be honest, we haven’t had many donations in the previous weeks. We expected this since we haven’t been updating things, or advertising in general. However, things are in the works and we’re planning to have most of the larger updates come during this summer. Here is our to-do list for those interested:
    • Parkour
    • Survival Games
    • KitPvP Revamp
    • Reaching the donation goal and advertising
    For now, these are all the updates we have for the Planet Gallium Community. But expect more in the very near future.

    SkyWars Release

    For those that are wondering why the previous SkyWars was removed, it was because it wasn't properly thought out and poorly run, like having multiple games on one server, which was a terrible idea.

    So with this new SkyWars, there have been plenty of changes made. Both to entertain players like you and to enhance performance on our side. Here are some new changes to SkyWars that you may notice on our server:
    • Select your SkyWars server just from the Server Selector
    • Each server will run one game and it will run independently
    • The SkyWars servers will be named SKY-##. For example, SKY-01, SKY-02, SKY-03, etc, mainly for organization purposes.
    • There is now a waiting lobby, where you can vote for various different types of gameplay, and some parkour which you can do while you're waiting for the game to start or for players to join
    • 4 new working kits have been added, the rest are still not out yet. The four functional kits are the first four in the kit menu
    • Map voting so you can choose the map you would like to play on
    • 5 new completely custom maps have been added, the previous from the old skywars were downloaded and that did not seem professional
    • The world will start Crumbling at a certain amount of time
    • There is special TNT at mid that refills every 30 seconds
    • Chests at mid are better than normal chests on your island
    • Chest refill every 5 minutes
    • Occasional titles that pop up on your screen when crucial events in the game occur
    • Donors have new SkyWars abilities that can be found here
    • New commands, /stats , /vote and /list
    • Better spectating
    Some other things have also been added, but can only be experienced when joining Planet Gallium ;).

    - Cervinakuy
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  2. PlanetGallium

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    Feb 19, 2016
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    ooo, I'll be trying out the new SkyWars, sounds really cool.

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