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Pending Helper Application - Minecraftblock52

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by Minecraftblock52, Aug 23, 2017.


Should Minecraftblock52 become helper

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  1. Minecraftblock52

    Minecraftblock52 New Member

    Apr 24, 2016
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    What is your minecraft username?

    What is you gender? Male

    What is your age? 14

    Have you purchased a rank within our server? Yes i have purchased which was Beta

    If you have purchased a rank, what is it?
    It was beta

    How long have you played on Planet Gallium? All I know is that it's been longer than a year

    Are you on minecraft during the week?
    I am on everyday of the week

    What is your favourite gamemode on Planet Gallium? My favourite gamemode is Space Wars

    Have you ever griefed a server or tried to? No because i am not one of those people that join servers, and say im from planet minecraft now give me op to test your server

    If you get accepted, do you think you will change Plannet Gallium? Why or why not? Well i have already changed Planet Gallium by testing gamemodes with other staff members, and people that have purchased beta rank.I have also given ideas on how to make the server better to @Cervinakuy

    Why do you want to become staff, and why should we choose you? I want to become staff so @Cervinakuy can stop asking me to, and also it seems fun

    Do you have experience with helping out servers, do you own a server yourself? I do not own a server but i have helped @Cervinakuy and @Shredder72 improve Planet Gallium

    What did you think of the application? Any suggestions? I think you need to make it easier to put down all of these questions because it was annoying af to type them all out

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  2. battdude

    battdude Active Member

    Jan 31, 2016
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