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Pending Helper Application - Looc3y

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by iLuciex, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. iLuciex

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    Apr 2, 2017
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    1. What is your Minecraft username? *

    2. What is your Gender? *

    3. What is your age? *
    I'm 13 (Almost)

    5. What rank have you purchased? *
    I've purchased Alien. (Will donate more in the future! :D

    6. How long have you played on Planet Gallium? *
    I've played since the server first started, perhaps 2-3 years?

    7. Are you on Minecraft during the week? *
    Yes, I play usually play Minecraft during the week on school breaks, but on school days, I try to stay focus on my work and play on only Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Hope you understand :p

    8. What is your favorite Gamemode on Planet Gallium? *
    So far, I haven't tested out the new gamemodes on Planet Gallium yet, but I'm super excited to play all the new games!

    9. Have you ever griefed a server or tried to? *
    No, not really.

    10. If you get accepted, do you think you will change Planet Gallium? Why or why not? *
    If I get accepted I would change Planet Gallium by using my skills to create a welcoming server so all players can play on, and help with many things. I've invited many people on Planet Gallium, (most of the OG members). I am very mindful of the rules and I will try to spread it towards other players. Therefore, I will change PG.

    11. Why do you want to become Staff, and why should we choose you? *
    I would like to become staff because as a staff on a server that got shut down before, I thought it was such a great experience and I would like to become staff again. I should be chosen because I spent half of my free time on PG when it's open to help out with many things. Additionally, I was an experienced staff member myself of a few servers as well. As a long time member of PG, I know a lot about the server. In that case, I know exactly what to do if anything happens. Moreover, I am very on top of things. As stated before, I am perfectly aware of the rules and I always try to respect them. Therefore, these are the reasons I want to become staff on Planet Gallium and should be chosen. :)

    12. Do you have any experience with helping out servers, do you own a server your self?
    Yes, I have been staff on a few servers. I have been staff on a server that demoted me for being inactive although there hasn't been anyone on since they've changed owners. Also, I've been staff on two other small and good servers that I've played on for a long time, but I left because the servers got shut down. (No, I don't own a public server, just private servers with my friends if that counts.)

    13. What did you think of the Application? Any suggestions?
    I thought the application was great, although I think that if the questions were more specific and detailed, I could add definitely add more ideas to my answers! :D

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    Jan 31, 2016
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