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Discussion in 'Builder Applications' started by Cervinakuy, Feb 5, 2016.

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    Jan 30, 2016
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    Hello everyone,

    If you are not informed already, we are looking for talented builders. The building team on our server is responsible for creating the hubs, arenas, maps, and other projects you may see across the network. If you believe you are qualified to apply, please do not hesitate to do so.

    A quick note however before we get to the application is that you must have a portfolio or a place to display previous work. We will not accept applications from players with no previous images of work.

    If you are the portion of the players who get declined as a staff member, you must wait 2 weeks before re-applying. If you apply again, it will result in a restart of your time until you can apply.

    Please answer the questions accordingly, questions with the '*' character are required. If a question with a '*' is not answered, your application will be denied.

    1. What is your Minecraft username? *

    This is so we know who is applying, and if you get accepted, that we will be able to promote you to Builder.

    2. What is your gender? *

    Please state your gender, male or female. If you would not like to share your gender, simply put "I would not like to share my gender".

    3. What is your age? *

    Please state your age, as there is an age restriction.

    4. Have you purchased a rank within our server? *

    If you have a rank on Planet Gallium, it highly increases your chances of being promoted to Builder. However, this does not mean that you will not be accepted. The possible answers for this question are: yes, no, or maybe in the future. If you would like to purchase a rank, please check out our shop by clicking here.

    5. If you have purchased a rank, what is it?

    Please state the rank you have purchased within Planet Gallium. Even though a rank is not required when applying for Builder, doing so for the staff team and I, signify dedication.

    6. How long have you played on Planet Gallium? *

    This is the amount of days, weeks, months or years you have played on Planet Gallium.

    7. If you had to rate your building talent on a scale of 1-10, what would you rate it and why? *

    Please select numbers 1-10, selecting numbers over or under the limit will not give us an efficient answer.

    8. What is your favorite building style and what kind do you think you are most experienced with? *

    Some examples are Medieval, Futuristic, Modern, etc.

    9. Do you like being a part of a build team or solo? *

    This will give us a better idea of whether you like being on a build team or solo.

    10. Please show us previous work or a portfolio.

    Please display a minimum of 5 pictures, or else your application will be denied.

    This is the end of the application. Similar to our other applications, we tried to restrict it to an appropriate length, but a length that is both meaningful and efficient. To submit an application, either create a thread in the Builders Applications category, or click here. If you have any questions or comments regarding the application or the process, please create a thread discussing your thoughts in the Feedback and Suggestions category.

    Good luck to everyone applying,
    - Cervinakuy
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